Patliputara Medical College & Hospital

From the Desk´s of the Principal


Dear Colleagues, Students & Friends,

It gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction to formally launch the Website of Patliputra Medical College, Dhanbad in the capacity of Principal of this Prestigious Medical College. I feel resonated by the vibration of something brightly illuminated within me, shooting up & up and getting bigger and bigger in size on this great occasion.

Surely, it´s my exuberance; my exhilarance that seems to sour much above the blues, for this website will provide additional tools in the hands of our excellent doctors to reach to people particularly in rural areas.

I spent nearly 17 years of my life with this institution in different phases of my career. One does not live so long with their sons and daughters. It had always been my dream College and I feel elated to have been a part of this glorious Institution. I, like most of others in this college, have the feeling that this Mother institution has natured all of us to be able to serve the society and possess a place of stature in our own right.

This Medical College is one of the best Government medical college of the State which can compare with any developed Medical College in the country. It has some short comings to-day but I still say with utmost sincerity that for the poor and down troden who can barely make a livelihood, it is still the last and only resort of hope and comfort when they fall ill.

When every thing around them appears lost and dark, this Medical College is the only hope. And the most important and extra-ordinary character of this medical college is that in dire need, we with our free hospital beds are the only major providers of succor and solace to poor people, not only for entire district of Dhanbad but for all districrts aroud Dhanbad like Giridih, Jamtara, Bokaro etc. covering entire Santhal Pargana and North Chhotanagpur Division.

The rising cost of health-care is increasingly making the best of medical advancements beyond the direct reach of the common man. The problem is all the more aggravated with us as health care isurance policies and schemes are in a very nascent stage in our country.

Some years ago a study carried out at Harvard University had projected that by 2020 the cost of health care of U.S. Citizens will be more than the defence budget of United States.

For us, with our limited resources the problem is all the more enhanced and needs some very cool, calculated and strategic thinking.

There is urgent need, therefore, to expand and consolidate our Medical and Health Services and net work in the district of Dhanbad and in the districts around it.

The benfits of new skills, knowledge and technologies has to be taken to the patients, particularly the poor ones in the rural areas of these district.

At the same time we have to bring down the cost of such services to suit the Indian situation.You will permit me to quote hear from an earlier report of UNICEF which said that the day will come when the Nations will be Judged not by their military or economic strength nor by the splendor of their capital cities and public building, but by the well being of their peoples; all round including their levels of health and the protection that is afforded to the growing minds and bodies of their children.

For welfare of State this responsibility lies on the shoulder of our doctors, guardians of the medical care to serve and reach the modern health care in the remote villages where there is unavailiblity of the medical aid.

Our teachers are able, efficient and dedicated and therefore, I see no reason why this Medical College can not play its due role in the realisation of tomorrow, because, not until medical aids and relief is available to the poorest man and woman to the remotest area we will not be said to have justified our existence.

I, therefore, sincerely hope that those who are called upon to guide the destiny of this Institution will be inspired to give of their best to the patients committed to their charge without thought of personal gains.

They will be enabled by integrity of purpose and character to maintain a high standard of efficiency with the sole aim to relieve pain and sufferings of the people, particularly the poors of remote villages.

And for this noblest cause, I am sure, own website of this Medical College will be of much help and a real blessing to the people of Dhanbad and nearby districts.

Let us all march ahead with a common objective to make the health services cheaper and at the door of the poor masses so as to make our almamater a more glorious Institution. Our slogan is to make this Institution as a model medical college in this country in shortest possible time.

I wish this noble endeavor every success and am honored to formally launch an own website of Patliputra Medical College, Dhanbad.


Dr. (Prof.) Shailendra Kumar